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Simple Suggestions for a Stress-Free Home

Great suggestions from Dr. Andrew Weil!

Kim Sherman | August 13, 2021 | 5:30 PM CST

Your home – whether big, small, or somewhere in between – should be your sanctuary, a place where stress is left at the door and your soul is nurtured. For a more comforting environment, gradually implement the following changes in your home:

  1. Bring the outdoors in. Green plants, cut flowers and blooming bulbs, pieces of wood, rocks and other organic elements can create a feeling of nature indoors. In addition, small decorative appliances that provide flowing water, or at least its sound, add peace to a home.
  2. Paint a room to suggest a mood. For instance, blue and green promote a relaxed feeling and may be good choices for the bedroom, while warm colors (maroon, coral, burgundy) suggest a cozy environment and may be inviting in a family or reading room.
  3. Surround your senses with beauty. Artwork, fragrance, smooth textures and calming sounds all provide a pleasant environment in which to relax. Be sure to avoid artificial scents that end up being more irritating. Opt instead for organic essential oils and invest in a quality diffuser to help spread the mood.
  4. Set aside a room or area for peace and calm. A place for spiritual reflection and meditation should provide shelter from noise and distraction. Keep media and news out and the calm within.
  5. Clean out clutter. A low-maintenance home is refreshing after a day of hectic meetings, errands and chores. Fewer items can mean less frustration. Spend time regularly decluttering and following a more minimalistic philosophy by getting rid of items that no longer have any use.
  6. Create an atmosphere of love. Display handmade or meaningful gifts from loved ones and photos of family and friends.
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